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FoMH Education Enrichment Institute

Small groups of students will work with adult role models in activities of interest to them. Through these projects, Marcy youth will learn how to profit more fully from their education, strengthening the foundation that underlies learning – problem solving, collaboration,
resilience and coping skills. They will learn to advocate for themselves and the needs of their community, navigate the challenges of middle school, and prepare for a successful transition. to high school that best meets their needs and aspirations. They will be curious and bold and hopeful Programs will target Marcy House residents and with the focus on youth ages 10-14 Their parents or caregivers will be involved in programs.)

Our programs will be based on models demonstrated to ameliorate the known impact of community stress (poverty, crime, neglect) on school performance as documented in research into the effects of Adverse Childhood and Community Environments (ACEs).  The program content will follow guidelines suggested by trauma-informed curricula developed from the work on ACEs.


Doing What’s Needed

Participants will work with the Marcy Houses Resident Green Committee under the direction of Daniel Silva, Marcy Houses resident and NextGen Farmer at Square Roots, an urban farming
business located adjacent to Marcy Houses. The gardeners will explore botany, grow from seed, augment the soil, and learn about soil chemistry, plants and insects, gardening, woodworking,
and other topics of their choice. They will develop their basic learning, planning, and project management skills; work alongside senior gardeners who will serve as mentors; beautify the grounds of Marcy Houses; and create a final event for the community. The goals of the program include strengthening community relationships and fostering productive intergenerational

Tackling the Issue

Working with the Junior League of Brooklyn participants will engage with trained adults on project-based program to increase knowledge, build resilience and develop coping strategies.
Making a Difference

Sponsored by the Justice Resource Center, licensed teachers will work with small groups of students to identify a community problem and work collaboratively to construct and execute a plan to address the issue. Participants will develop skills in problem-solving and advocacy and action. Through this unique educational enrichment program, participants will learn how local government functions. Students will develop and implement a culminating activity to showcase their public policy. Project Citizen is a program of the Justice Resource Center. It enables participants to develop the knowledge, skills, and disposition to become active participants in their own communities. CAPACITY: 25 students
Dance Integrations

Fadi J. Khoury and his contemporary, cross-cultural dance company, FJK Dance, will empower youth to explore a variety of dance genres, including Middle Eastern, South American, and African dance as well as jazz, ballroom, and classical ballet. Marcy residents will serve as Program Assistants. Participants will experiment, combine, and collaborate to create and master a dance sequence incorporating the dance techniques they learned, and perform it in a culminating event for the community.

Exploring Tech & Robotics

FoMH will operate a computer lab, with equipment and software available to participants and family members through educational classes and open hours. The computer instructor will teach coding and robotics. Writing and editing will also be taught.

Making a Difference

Students involved in FoMH out-of-school programs will have the chance to tell their story, working alongside a videographer to record, edit, and transcribe, and to create a final project that will be shared with the community.
Future Programs
Doing What’s Needed

Starting in late 2019, FoMH will begin to offer programs for 2020 focusing on photojournalism, movie reviews, and gaming, as well as a ping pong tournament and regular classes at the Computer Lab, and summer camp in summer 2020.
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